Asthma Treatment Plan

The treatment plan in AsthmaTuner follows guidelines for how asthma treatment plans should be written - this is why it is split into 3 levels; Controlled, Partially controlled and Uncontrolled.

Create or edit a treatment plan

Start by finding the patient you want to create a plan for. Then go to the Asthma Treatment Check tab and click Edit or Create treatment plan. You can either choose to use an existing treatment plan template or create your own from scratch.

Using a template

In the Edit view, click the dropdown in the top left and select the template you would like to use. You can modify the plan if needed, any changes you make will not affect the original template. You can also decide to save the modified plan as a new template by filling in a name in the "Add as favorite" field and clicking Add.

Create a treatment plan from scratch

Start by selecting the medication you would like to add and decide if it should be used regularly or as needed. Fill in the dosage by using the dropdowns, or write instructions as free text. Add it to the treatment plan by clicking the plus buttons corresponding to the treatment plan level you wish to add it to.

Editing existing medications

If you want to make adjustments to a medication that is already in the treatment plan you can click the medication to copy the information to the input fields at the top. Make any adjustments needed and add it to the treatment plan again by clicking the plus button. Make sure to delete the previous medication card before you save your changes.

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