We want to give patients the power to manage their health and feel better

Our journey began in 2014, crafted by two respiratory disease experts. Our focus? Creating simple self-care tools and home tests for breathing conditions. It’s an exciting journey we’re on, and we’d love for you to join us.

MediTuner’s origin story

Our story began through a partnership between Björn Nordlund, a dedicated research nurse, and Henrik Ljungberg, a respected pediatric pulmonologist at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital.

While working closely with patients, they recognized a recurring need among those living with asthma – a need for ongoing guidance beyond occasional hospital visits. The repetitive nature of advice provided during appointments revealed a chance to simplify the process and offer consistent support outside scheduled meetings.

That’s when AsthmaTuner was born. A tool that would empower individuals with asthma, ensuring vital information was always within reach.

Where we are now

Today, MediTuner has grown to become a leading force in respiratory health. We now cover a wider range of respiratory conditions. Our goal remains the same: to make diagnosis easier, create personalized treatment plans, and improve follow-ups. With this expansion, we’re more dedicated than ever to help both patients and healthcare providers. Join us as we continue on this journey to make breathing easier for everyone.

Our products are

Clinically validated

Our solutions are backed by research. Ensuring their effectiveness and reliability in improving respiratory health.

CE-marked and FDA approved

This double endorsement guarantees the safety, effectiveness, and quality, of our solutions.

Built on strong partnerships

Our collaborations with leading medical institutions and organizations underscore our commitment to quality.


Designed with user experience in mind, our products easy to use, promoting effective patient engagement and adherence.


Our dedicated support team is always available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth experience for our users.

Dig in to the research behind our tools

Dive into the science that powers our tools! Explore the studies that showcase the effectiveness and impact of our solutions

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Awards and acknowledgements

These awards mean a lot to us. They’re like little pats on the back from healthcare pros and patients who’ve believed in us. We’re all about better usability, improved respiratory care, and well-being. So, getting recognized for that? It’s truly heartwarming.

Startup of the Year

Techarenan 2023

The entrepreneur competition for the Nordic’s beset startup and growth companies

Best Digital Technology for Asthma

EFA 2023

Honors digital health efforts that focus on patients through design, access, and effectiveness

Athena Award


Sweden’s biggest award for research and innovation

InUse Award


A design award for Sweden’s best user experience

Meet the founders

Henrik Ljungberg

Founder and Medical Doctor

Björn Nordlund

Founder and Researcher

Meet the team

Eric Alhanko


Mario Nozzarella

Partner / North America Divison

Emma Långström

Chief Product Officer

Marcus Dahn

Back End Developer

Jalle Lhotsky

Customer Success and Support

Dmitriy Mankov

Front End Developer

Karlijn Van Herpen

Head of QA/RA

Johanna Edoff

Study and Implementation Manager

Elias Kronberg

Back End Lead

Isabella Smolarski

UX Design Lead

Joakim Bauman

Chief Technical Officer

Martine Søberg Isachsen

Study and Implementation Lead

Anna Carleborg

Chief Commercial Officer

Nick Fomin

iOS Lead

Nicklas Oxhammar

Android Developer

Ingrid Bratt

Head of R&D