Create patient lists

You can create custom patient lists available for the entire clinic. This can be useful if you want to separate certain patient groups from one another.

Create a new list

To create a new patient list, go to Patients and tap the “New list” button in the top right. Give your list a name and press Save. You can create as many lists as you want. Any lists you create are shared with, and can be edited by, any healthcare provider at your clinic that uses Careportal.

Once you’ve created a new list, you can add patients to it.

Add patients to the list

You need to create a list before you can add patients to it. Once it’s created, simply select the patients you want to add from any of the other lists, and click “Add to list”. Select the relevant list and press “Copy patients”. Patients will not be removed from the current list they are in, but simply added to your new list.

Remove patients from list

Go to the list you want to remove the patient from. Select the relevant patients and click ‘Remove’.

Note! Removing patients from lists you’ve created will not disconnect them from the clinic. To remove a patient from the clinic, you need to select them from a default list (like All patients and My patients) and click remove.

Change list name

If you want to change the name of one of your lists, go to the list and press Edit next to the title. Select “Edit name” and update the list name.

Delete list

To delete a list you’ve created, go to the list and press “Edit” next to the list name. Select “Delete list” and confirm. Deleting a list you’ve created will not remove the patients from the clinic. You can still find them in the “All patients” list.

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