Evaluation tool

The Evaluation tool is used to evaluate if a patient has asthma.

Configure the tool

You can activate the Evaluation tool for your patient by selecting it when you send instructions.

Once you’re done you can send the updated instructions to your patient. They will receive a notification and message in the app about their new instructions.

How the patient performs the evaluation

Over the 14 day evaluation, patients are prompted to do 3 FEV1 tests in the morning and afternoon. Testing when symptoms arise is also encouraged. Triggers, FEV1 and PEF values are recorded for each session.

To start their Evaluation, the patient needs to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the start page in the app and scroll down to the Evaluation tool. If the Asthma Treatment Check tool is active, they may need to switch tab to Evaluation.
  2. Tap on ‘New Evaluation test’
  3. First-time users will see a guide explaining how the tool works.
  4. Perform three lung tests. PEF values are displayed for each test.
  5. Register if you’ve taken any relief medication, are at work or school and if you experienced any symptoms. You can leave an optional comment.
  6. Do another session again in the afternoon to count the day as completed. Only completed days count towards the evaluation period of 14 days.

The patient can view their evaluation test history by tapping that area on the Evaluation card.

Viewing the results

You can view the results from the evaluation by going to the patient page in Careportal and clicking the Evaluation tab.

You will see a graph with all the test results. If needed you can change the view from Entire period to Week or Day.

You can view either the PEF values or FEV1 values. Below the graph is a table showing the daily and weekly variability. You also have an option to download all the results as a CSV file.

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