Sending and managing invitations

To add a patient to your clinic, you need to send an invitation.

Create a new invitation

Click ‘New invitation’ in the top menu or from any patient list. Fill in the patient’s personal details.

Select tools

Select the relevant tools depending on your patients condition:

  • Asthma (including diagnosis): Asthma Treatment Check, Evaluation, Spirometry, Spirometry with Reversibility
  • COPD: Spirometry, Spirometry with Reversibility
  • Cystic Fibrosis, Lung transplant or Other lung diseases: Spirometry, Spirometry with Reversibility

Once you have set up the right tools, you simply send the invitation to the patient. If needed, the tools can be updated at a later stage. While the invitation is pending, the patient will be listed in the Invitations list.

Accepted invitations

Once the invitation is accepted, the patient will be moved from the invitation list to the patient list and you can access their data.

Declined invitations

If the patient declines your invitation, you can resend the invitation with the same instructions, directly from the invitation list. Declined invitations are visible for four weeks after being declined.

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