Setting up a child account

To set up a child account for your patient, you can follow these steps:

Send an invitation

Create a New invitation in Careportal and add the child’s email and phone number. The email needs to be unique, you can not use the same email for guardian and child. Use the phone number of the device that the child will use. This can be the same as their guardian's phone number.

Add guardians

If the guardian wants to follow their child's progress through their own AsthmaTuner account, you need to add them as guardians.

Click 'Add guardian' and fill in their email and phone number. You can add multiple guardians to the same child account.

When the guardian creates an account with AsthmaTuner, they will automatically be added as followers to their child's account.

Next, select the relevant tools and send the invitation.

Instruct the guardian and child to create an account

Once you've invited the child and guardians, they will each receive a welcome SMS with a 4-digit code and a link to download the app. To create an account they need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and open the AsthmaTuner app
  2. Select 'Create account' and that they have a code from their Healthcare Provider
  3. Fill in the code from the SMS
  4. Fill in personal details (name, email, date of birth) and select a password
  5. Accept terms and conditions
  6. The child account also needs to accept the clinic invitation

Now the patient is successfully connected to your clinic and you can view their data in Careportal. Next time they want to sign in to the app, they will use their email and password and confirm with an SMS code.

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