How do I clean my spirometer?

Cleaning and disinfecting the turbine

🌬️ Weekly cleaning is recommended

🚫 Avoid alcoholic or oily cleaning solutions

🚫 Don’t use hot or boiling water

🔄 Pull the turbine counterclockwise to detach

🖐️ Gently push the base with your finger to remove it

🧼 Submerge in lukewarm or cold soapy water and scrub for 2-3 mins

💧 Rinse in clean water, shake gently to remove excess

🌬️ Let it air dry on a towel, store in a clean, dry place

♻️ Reinsert by aligning with the padlock symbol, turn clockwise

Cleaning the mouthpiece

🩺 Clean after each use

🧩 Detach it from the turbine

🧼 Submerge in cold or lukewarm soapy water, scrub for 2-3 mins

💧 Rinse, shake to remove excess water

🌬️ Air dry on a towel, store in a clean, dry place

Cleaning the device

🧹 Wipe daily with a soft damp cloth

🌬️ Dry with a soft cloth or air dry

🚫 Don’t submerge in water or fluids

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