“Now we may never have to go to the emergency room with our daughter again”

– Mom to Anna, 9 years old

Stay connected and provide care through our app, ensuring your loved one’s well-being with real-time updates, treatment tracking, and symptom monitoring.

Asthma affects quality of life and school results negatively

Research highlights how asthma can have a negative impact on life and academic performance. Kids with asthma might not be able to participate in sports or physical activities, and it could make schoolwork more difficult.

Optimized treatment day to day

Taking too much medication is not good and taking too little can result in long periods of illness och chronic effects. Take the guess work out of treating your loved one and get treatment recommendations based on objective data.

Get real time updates

Keeping an eye on your loved one in AsthmaTuner gives you real-time updates on their lung function and symptoms. You’ll even get alerts about their respiratory condition’s control level. Having this info at hand helps you both stay informed and have meaningful discussions about their health.

Easier healthcare conversations

Explaining your loved one’s symptoms to the doctor can be tricky, like a game of telephone. AsthmaTuner changes that. It shows your healthcare provider all the info about their respiratory condition. Now, even phone or video consultations become more effective.

Commonly asked questions

Can children use your tools?

Our asthma tools are suitable for children aged 6 and older. Remember that for children, especially those under 10, parental supervision and assistance may be necessary, especially during initial use, to ensure they perform the test correctly. Over time, your child may become more independent in using the tools. 

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started with our services, read more about how it works on our get started page.

What does it cost?

You can download and use the AsthmaTuner app completely free of charge. To access all functions, you need to connect the app to a healthcare provider. Costs may be added for the lung function meter, visits and follow-ups with your affiliated healthcare provider – contact one of our partner clinics to find out more.

Which regions are you available in?

You can use our services no matter what region you live in. If you have asthma and your own health centre does not offer our services, you can always connect to us via Min Doktor, while remaining listed at your current health centre.

Do all clinics offer your solutions?

We have many partner clinics and hospitals, but unfortunately not all clinics are able to offer our services. If you have asthma and your own clinic does not offer our services, you can always connect to us via Min Doktor, while remaining listed at your current health center. Read more about our partner clinics on our get started-page.

Can I use this on my own, without a healthcare provider?

Our solutions are primarily intended for use under the guidance of healthcare providers to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. While some features may be available for individual use, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare provider for accurate care and treatment management.

Is it safe to use your solutions?

Yes, our tools are backed by clinical validation, CE marking, and FDA clearance.

Which spirometer can I use?

You can use our dedicated spirometer, specifically designed to work seamlessly with our digital solutions. Using our spirometer ensures accurate and reliable lung function measurements, providing you with the best experience for managing your respiratory health.