The future of respiratory care

With MediTuner’s tools, it’s never been easier for clinicians and patients to work together toward a lifestyle where symptoms don’t get in the way.

5000 + Patients

150 + Partner Clinics

1000 + Healthcare Professionals

Now I can easily help and track patients without them needing to leave home

Our proven methods, easy tests, personalized plans, efficient follow-ups, and patient education work together to help you provide exceptional respiratory care.

  • Proven health gains
  • Tailored treatment plans
  • Effortless testing
  • Streamlined follow-ups
  • Enhanced patient education
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I shouldn’t need a PhD to understand what’s going on in my own body

Our intuitive tools provide patients and their loved ones with everything they need in order to track, treat and understand their respiratory condition.

  • Understand your triggers
  • Stop symptoms faster
  • Fewer sick days
  • Peace of mind for loved ones
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MediTuner® In collaboration with Karolinska Institutet

Founded in 2014 by two respiratory disease specialists, MediTuner is dedicated to pioneering self-management systems and home diagnostics for respiratory conditions. Our ultimate goal: empower patients to lead symptom-free lives.

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